Sagem WA3050

Specs: 2002 Jun, Smartphone, 80.6x130.6x16.5 mm, Windows (mobile-class), Intel StrongARM SA-1110, 1999, 32 bit, single-core, 16 Kbyte I-Cache, 8 Kbyte D-Cache, 16 MiB RAM, 16 MiB ROM, 3.9 inch, 240x320, MSTN LCD display, Supported GPS protocol(s): No, 920 mAh battery

Sagem myS-7

Specs: 2004 Oct, Smartphone, 49.5x109.8x20.8 mm, Windows (mobile-class), Intel XScale PXA262, 2003, 32 bit, single-core, 32 Kbyte I-Cache, 32 Kbyte D-Cache, 32 MiB RAM, 32 MiB ROM, 2.2 inch, 176x220, Color TN-TFT LCD display, Built-in numeric, IrDA 1.2, Supported GPS protocol(s): No, 0.3 MP camera, 1200 mAh battery

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